Networking equals business opportunities

Our belief is that discussions and exchange of ideas - also between companies and industries - are very value creation also from a business perspective. Experience shows that the tips and ideas in network breeds creativity and contribute to new business opportunities. We therefore see it as natural to more aggressively expand the network and invites interested persons to contact us

Synergies with potential

At Borggårds Bruk we manage a network that clearly promotes partnerships and the development of new business. We see the value of an independent, more personal network with a clear focus on the business opportunities of mutual benefit. With the deeper understanding of each other's strengths and opportunities, we find synergies with the potential to enable new business that would otherwise not have been possible. We have several examples.

Topics such as technology, skills, machinery etc. are often discussed by the relevant management representatives, consultants and vendors in order to open up new avenues of business.

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