The new Borggårds Bruk

Long-term ownership

Since 1 January 2015 the company is equally owned by Jan-Peder Daréus och Göran Holmgren. Jan-Peder and Göran both have a long experience from international industrial companies and wish to continue the operation in Borggård. The new owners want in a positive way utilize the industrial tradition developed in Borggård for centuries.

The overall objective of the business the coming years is to develop the sales on the European market within the segments demanding complex wire and strip products made from metal.

We want to move forward

With selfconfidence and a lot of energy for innovative product solutions, we will work hard to become the obvious choice when it comes to  a trusted partner for future challenges. 

From left: Göran Holmgren - Owner, Marketing Director. Jan-Peder Daréus - Owner, Managning Director.

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