Our history

A gift from a King

The first time Borggårds Bruk is mentioned is in a deed of gift from the year 1476. By a later deed of gift from King Gustav Vasa in 1550 Borggårds Bruk became a collective property of the dynasty Rosenstråle and it is from then Borggårds Bruk begins its history. In the 1630's Borggårds Bruk ironworks added a blast furnace and a hammer was built next to Borggårds river. Over the next centuries, the business expanded to the 1860s, peaking with an annual output of 350 tons of bar iron.

This was followed by a decline that affected all small-scale ironworks in the country. The ironworks era ended in 1887. Borggårds Bruk's current production of metal wire products started in 1882. Borggårds Bruk became, as far as we know, the first ironworks in the country with this new method of production - and has since continued uninterrupted for the last 125 years.

Borggårds Bruks long history is well documented. At the 450th anniversary in 2000, the book "Borggårds Bruk - A study of a Mill in Östergötland and its development through four centuries", was published,written by Sune Björklöf.


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